Self help and Information

You may feel you would like to understand a little more about common mental health problems before contacting us. Below are a list of useful websites which provide information about common mental health difficulties and offer some steps you can take to overcome them.

Self help websites

Books on Prescription

Your local library can provide access to lots of helpful books regarding mental health and wellbeing via ‘reading well books on prescription’. Please click here.

To join your local library use please click here.

Helpful Apps for Mental Health

  • Beat Panic guiding you through a panic attack and episode of heightened anxiety
  • CALM app to support sleep and meditation
  • Calm Harm an app designed to help people to resist the urge to self harm
  • Chill Panda an app to help you learn to relax, from simple breathing techniques to exercises
  • FearFighter online course to support those with anxiety, phobias and panic and anxiety
  • Feeling good positive mindset – audio tracks to help build confidence and positive mindset
  • Headspace learn to manage feelings and thoughts and improve sleep through meditation
  • My Possible Self understand your mental health, manage anxiety fear and stress and track your symptoms
  • Stress & Anxiety Companion learn to handle stress and anxiety and cope better, help calm your mind with relaxation music, breathing exercises and games