Mental Health – FAQs

What is mental health?
Mental health is emotional, psychological and social wellbeing, it is important in every stage of life and determines how we cope, deal with stress and relate to others.

What causes mental health problems?
Certain factors can impact our mental health, it can be a combination of things.

What could I do if I’m worried about my mental health?
If you are concerned, the information on this website may be helpful and you are encouraged to speak with someone either within your support network or at your local GP practise. Alternatively, if you do not feel ready for that you can contact the Samaritans, access online support from the various links on this site.

What is depression?
Depression is often the presentation of persistent low mood in combination with a lack of enjoyment, reduced concentration, appetite and energy disturbed or excessive sleep, feelings of guilt and or worthlessness and feeling of agitation or being slowed down in movements and speech.

What is anxiety?
Anxiety Is a normal response within our body, which can often lead to worry and physical anxiety symptoms like racing heart, rapid breathing, becoming hot and may be feeling dizzy. However, when an anxiety response is occurring often and the symptoms impact negatively on your life, it may be you consider treatment or such difficulties.