Information for carers

Does someone at home or in the neighbourhood depend on you to help with everyday tasks?

Perhaps you care for someone in the family or for a friend? If so, you are a carer and might like some support for yourself.

You may see it as part of your duty to care for your parents, your partner, your child or friend, but there may be times when you need advice, information or some extra help.

When you are a carer it is often difficult to have a proper break because someone is depending on you to look after them.

Tired? Rundown? Health Suffering?  Letting your GP know that you are a carer can help them make sure that you get the right sort of support and care. YOU are important too!

The government has responded to a carers value by encouraging GPs to make special arrangements to support carers. This surgery is trying set up a carers register. This means carers will be known to us and steps will be taken to support them.

If you advise reception that you are a carer then your name can then be added to the register.

They would be only to pleased to help with any query regarding to being a carer.

You can also access much more detailed local information by visiting for national and local information.

Carer Registration Form

Are you providing help and support to a relative, partner or friend who cannot manage because of a disability, illness or frailty?

Do we know you are a Carer? Or do you have a Carer?

Let us know by completing a Carer registration form:

Download the Carers Registration Form

Return the completed form to your GP Surgery who will make a note on your medical records, that you are a Carer.

The Carer’s Link at this surgery is Sheila Hardy.

If you would like further information about advice and support available locally, including access to respite, emotional and financial support and Carers emergency card, let us know by completing the consent on the form and we will refer you to Cheshire West Carers Support. For further details: visit the website or contact the Helpline on 0300 102 0008 (Mon-Fri, 9am till 5pm)

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Carer support
Carer support
Carer support

Page updated: 14 February, 2022